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In 1980, BHS acquired the historic Boyds Negro School property located at 19510 White Ground Road. This one-room 22 x 30 foot wooden building, heated by a wood stove, served as the only public school for African Americans in the Boyds area from 1895-1936. The schoolhouse served students in grades 1-8, many of whom walked for miles to attend classes at the school.  After the purchase of the property in 1980, the school was restored by BHS to its original condition in approximately 1900 (pictured above).

The school is open by appointment and also on the third Sunday of each month from 2:00 - 4:00 pm from April to November. We welcome individuals, school groups, home-schoolers, and anyone with an interest in our local history. The school is available as a meeting place for community groups. To arrange a tour or to reserve the space, contact:

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Educational DVD

BHS produced an educational video about the history of the Boyds Negro School.  It is entitled, “Boyds Negro School – Historic Lives.”  The video contains the re-enactment of life as it was at the historic school, along with interviews with former students and their teacher.  Requests for copies may be made by mail or by email.  DVDs cost $10.00 ($12.00 if shipping is needed).

You can also watch the video online at:

Boyds Negro School – Historic Lives, Part 1

Boyds Negro School – Historic Lives, Part 2

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